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Going to the bathroom


Do I have to take the tampon out every time I go to the bathroom?

No. Urine comes through the urethra, "stool" when you defecate, comes through the anus. These are two separate openings. The tampon goes into the vagina - another opening between the urethra and anus. You might want to move the string out of the way when you go, though. If you're going to urinate, pull the string to the back or side, and if you're going to defecate, pull it to the front. (By the way, remember, to prevent infections always wipe from front to back when you go to the bathroom.)

Can I go to the bathroom with a tampon in?

Sure! Each female has three separate openings: the urinary, the vaginal and the anal opening. Therefore, a tampon that's placed in the vagina won't be affected when you use the bathroom. When you urinate, you might want to hold the cord to one side so it won't get wet. If it does become damp, just dry it with a piece of toilet tissue.

Why does a tampon become damp during urination?

If the tampon itself (not the string) becomes saturated with urine, that probably means it hasn't been put in far enough into the vagina. Take it out and insert a new one.

Can you bathe/shower with a tampon in?

Of course. Tampons are the only form of menstrual protection to use while bathing or showering. It's really up to you if you want to wear a tampon when bathing or showering. You don't have to -- but many girls/women prefer it.
Curious about how to insert a tampon?
Curious about how to insert a tampon?

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