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Will I still be a virgin if I use tampons?

Yes. A virgin is someone who hasn't had sexual intercourse. It has nothing to do with using tampons. The hymen, a flexible membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening, is usually still intact for girls who haven't had sexual intercourse. Most girls can slide a tampon in through that same opening that lets menstrual fluid out without affecting the hymen.

Can a tampon get 'lost' inside of you?

No way! There's no place for it to go. The tampon goes into the vagina. At the top of the vagina is the opening of the cervix. This opening is tiny -- about as thick as a pencil point. That's far too small to let a tampon through to any other part of your body. Besides, the tampon is held in place by the walls of your vagina until you pull gently on the cord to remove it.

Can a tampon fall out?

When properly inserted, a tampon is held in place by the muscles around the entrance to the vagina, so it can't fall out.

What if a tampon gets stuck?

A tampon can't get 'stuck' inside you. After you put the tampon in, the muscles at the vaginal opening will hold it in place until you remove it by gently pulling on the string. If it feels hard to pull out, there are a few things to do: first, try to relax. You might be tense and 'holding' your muscles. Second, you may want to leave the tampon in a little longer --it may not have absorbed enough menstrual fluid to become soft and pliable. And third, it may be too early to remove the tampon. However, please remember to change every 4-8 hours.

Do tampons plug up the flow?

Tampons absorb menstrual fluid in the vagina. Because of the shape of the vagina, they can't totally 'plug up' the flow even before they reach their full absorbency. Think of trying to 'cork' a fizzy drink bottle with a wad of cotton -- once the cotton gets soaked, the fizzy drink will come out. It's the same with a tampon -- once it gets soaked, the menstrual fluid may leak out.

Do tampons make the vagina get bigger?

There is no medical or anatomical reason to believe that using tampons makes the vagina larger.

What if the withdrawal string breaks?

This is really unlikely! But on the small chance that it does break, it's usually pretty easy to reach the tampon with your fingers. Wash your hands and squat down or use the same position you used to comfortably insert the tampon to remove it. If you really can't do it yourself, you should see your doctor as soon as possible and definitely on THE SAME DAY. A tampon should never be left in more than 8 hours.

Do tampons hurt?

No. If you insert a tampon the right way, you shouldn't feel any discomfort. Tampons are inserted into the vagina through the same opening from which menstrual fluid leaves your body. For just about everybody, this opening is large enough to hold a Tampax® tampon comfortably. Follow the instructions given in our package insert carefully. You'll see that the use of Tampax® tampons is really easy.

Can you feel a tampon inside you?

When the tampon has been inserted the right way, you shouldn't feel any discomfort. If you can feel the tampon, it probably hasn't been inserted far enough into the vagina. You should remove that tampon and insert another one.

Is it normal to feel faint while putting in a tampon?

No, it's not common, but it could happen. Some girls have found that they will feel faint when inserting a tampon, especially for the first time. If this happens, stop trying to insert it and take a break. After a little while, you could try again. This time, make sure you are in a relaxed position. Some beginners have to try a few times before it's successful.

Should I use tampons if I am involved in athletic and dance activities?

For athletic activities, especially those requiring a tight-fitting outfit, such as ballet, gymnastics, or skiing, tampons are a good choice, since no one will notice that you are menstruating. In addition, tampons are the suitable form of menstrual protection for swimmers.

My daughter is 10 years old, and often experiences stomach aches for no apparent reason. I am concerned about these. Is it possible that her body is getting ready for menstruation?

Has your daughter been developing any signs of puberty, such as breast development, underarm hair, hair in her pubic area, and a white vaginal discharge? Has she grown quickly, adding weight? These are predictors, much more powerful than stomach cramps. If I were you, I’d take her for a check-up with her doctor for a more expert opinion.

Is exercise good for the body during menstruation?

Yes. MODERATE exercise will help with menstrual cramps. Your daughter’s flow may not be affected by the exercise, so she should use a super tampon (for heavy flow) and a pad as a back-up.

I have stretch marks on my breasts. Will these go away?

During puberty, many girls get them on their breasts, on their hips and thighs and even on their buttocks. The marks are caused because you are growing so fast that your skin can’t keep up with the changes and in your body and has to stretch to accommodate the increase in size. The bad news is that there really isn’t anything you can do to make them go away. What will happen over time, is that they will begin to fade and eventually you will hardly see them. No creams, etc., can make them go away! You can also use body make-up to try to camouflage the lines if they show through your clothing. Good luck for the future.
Curious about how to insert a tampon?
Curious about how to insert a tampon?

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