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How often should I change my tampon?

"Never leave a tampon in for more than 8 hours when on your period. If you find you have to change your tampon more frequently than every four hours, you may need to use a tampon with a higher absorbency. On the other hand, if you change a tampon after wearing it for eight hours and find that it's still slightly dry or is uncomfortable to remove, you should switch to a tampon with a lower absorbency. Always use the lightest absorbency for your flow.

Changing a tampon too frequently can affect the tampon's ability to absorb menstrual flow -- that's because the tampon needs a little moisture to expand."

How do you know when to change a tampon?

In general a tampon should be changed every 4-8 hours - never wait longer than 8 hours to change it. But here are some guidelines to help you figure out when it's time to change it: A tampon should be easy to remove. If it feels "stuck" or dry, it probably has not been left in long enough to absorb the menstrual fluid. On the other hand, if you go to the bathroom and the tampon string is wet with menstrual fluid, it is probably fully saturated and needs to be changed. The better you get to know your own period flow, the easier it will be to know when to change it, and which tampon absorbency is best for you.
Tampons leak for a few reasons: the tampon may have reached its full capacity to absorb menstrual flow, or it may not have been inserted the right way, or you may be using the wrong absorbency for your menstrual flow. Remember, a tampon is not a "plug". Some women experience leakage because of the shape of their vaginas. An Alldays pantyliner can be worn for extra protection as a back-up to a tampon.

Can I use a tampon overnight?

Yes, tampons can be used overnight. Tampax tampons can be worn for up to eight hours during the day or night. They give you full period protection, and stay in place no matter how much you move around when you sleep! Please remember to insert a new tampon when you go to sleep and remove the tampon first thing in the morning. One thing though: if you usually sleep more than 8 hours, you should use Always menstrual pads instead. A tampon should be removed after 8 hours.

Can tampons be used for discharges other than menstrual fluid?

No - you should only use Tampax tampons during your period and not for other feminine hygiene needs. Remember, a little vaginal discharge is normal and you can use Alldays panty liners for your daily feminine hygiene requirements. (If you are concerned about abnormal vaginal discharge between periods, talk to your doctor.)

Can I use two Tampax® tampons at the same time?

No. Only use one tampon at a time. Choose the lowest absorbency tampon for your period flow. If the tampon is not sufficient, try a more absorbent variant. If you're worried that your periods are too heavy, use a Super Plus absorbency size, or use a sanitary pad with a tampon for extra protection against period leakage.

Is a tampon easy to take out?

Tampax tampons are easy to take out! The design of Tampax® helps guarantee that the cord won't come loose, so just pull the cord gently to remove the tampon.

When can a girl start using tampons?

I suggest you start them with Always® Ultrathin Pads with wings. After a few cycles they may be ready for tampons, but this is an individual decision. They must be able to understand the proper use of tampons and be able to insert the tampon into their vaginas. Then I suggest you use Tampax® lites. See for more info.
Curious about how to insert a tampon?
Curious about how to insert a tampon?

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