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Information of Tampax® products

Information of Tampax products

Tampax Pearl

The New Tampax Pearl has the Pearl Protect system, with V-shaped opening (for a better fit), built-in leak protection braid, a unique placement grip, as well as a Soft Touch™ applicator for an incredibly comfortable experience. It's our smoothest applicator ever!

We recommend that the wrapper, (the applicator) be and the tampon disposed of in the waste bin.

Tampax Compak

Tampax Compak comes in a smooth plastic applicator that is half the length of a regular Tampax applicator, making it twice as discreet to carry. Tampax Compak absorbs your period at the top of the tampon and keeps it inside. The tampon gently expands to fit your body's shape and the built-in Protective Skirt™ helps to prevent leakage. So you can feel clean and free to do whatever you like.

We recommend that the wrapper, the applicator and the tampon be disposed of in the waste bin.

Tampax Cardboard Applicator

Tampax Cardboard Applicator comes with a Protective skirt to help stop leaks before they happen. Each tampon comes in a strong durable wrapper, and a biodegradable applicator with Anti-Slip Grip™.
Curious about how to insert a tampon?
Curious about how to insert a tampon?

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Next time Mother Nature brings your monthly gift, get Tampax®.
With Tampax you need never miss out on an experience because of your period!’

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