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Information for puberty

Information for puberty

How Puberty Will Change My Body

During puberty, your body starts to release hormones that will make your body mature physically. You’ll develop breasts and pubic hair, and you’ll start having periods (menstruation) that will eventually allow you to become pregnant.

Girls hit puberty when they’re aged anywhere from 7 to13 and usually start their periods a couple of years after their breasts start to grow. The age you start is influenced by a host of different factors such as weight, race and genetic make-up. For example, if your mum started her menstrual cycle early then it’s likely you’ll be the same.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed set of rules in puberty which means there’s no right or wrong way to go through it. However, it can be less stressful if you avoid blowing your worries out of all proportion. You won’t be the first girl in history to find the whole thing scary or squeamish. Neither will you be the first to lie awake at night fretting that you’re the only girl in class that doesn’t wear a bra yet. Just remember that everyone will catch up sooner or later and until then you’re certainly not alone in feeling self-conscious.

Is it normal to put on weight during puberty?

Definitely. An adult woman has more body fat than a young girl. Your hips will get wider and your thighs and bottom will become more womanly. But hey, it’s normal.
This happens to all of us!
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